Website Evaluation Lesson

Parts of a Website & Why Evaluate?

I began a multi-part website evaluation instruction this week with 5th grade students, beginning with “Parts of a Website”.  I tried a couple of new things this time, starting with a new motivation.  I showed the State Farm Insurance commercial that features 2 young adults talking about State Farm apps and the young lady stating that she heard (on the internet) they didn’t have apps.  She says they can’t say anything on the internet that isn’t true and of course the commercial ends with her date she met on the internet, “He’s a French model.”  The students loved it and it let to a discussion about the kinds of information on the internet.

Kathy Schrock’s “The Five W’s of Web Site Evalation”

The second new thing I used was Schrock’s “The Five W’s of Web Site Evaluation”.  I wrote them on a large paper and marked with sticky notes which ones we were covering that day.


We’ll cover the other W’s in the next few lessons.  I started with our school system’s website and discussed the head, the body, and the footer of the webpage and where to look for the Who and the When.  Students then went to computers to look at websites of local organizations (Chehaw Park, Albany Museum of Art, Dougherty County Public Library, etc.) that I had already pulled up.  They have to find the pertinent information by filling out the worksheet I’ve created.  The have to find the URL, the name of the organization, mailing address, phone number and email contact.  They must also determine the date the page was created and if and when it has been updated.  In all the lesson took about 25 minutes.

Next week I start to cover purposes of websites and more about authority issues of website information.  Stay tuned!


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