iSchool Workshop on Digital Learning Revolution

RESA Workshop by iSchool Initiative Team

The Southwest Georgia  RESA (Regional Education Services Agency) organized a very interesting workshop today about changing the educational culture, the Digital Learning Revolution (DLR).  Arvin Ross,  iSchool team member, is an energetic person who is passionate about unleashing  the creative genius in teachers so they can pass that along to their students.

Digital Storytelling

Arvin led the session on Digital Storytelling and gave us reasons that digital storytelling is important.

  • Critical thinking skills are engaged
  • Technology is necessary
  • Visual literacy is used
  • Global literacy is  increasingly important
  • Research methods are utilized
  • Collaboration is integral
  • Interview skills are honed
  • Problem solving skills are used
  • Presentation skills increase

Arvin Ross iSchool Initiative Team presenter at RESA workshop

Arvin Ross, presenter at iSchool presentation Digital Learning Revolution

Arvin told us about some apps and websites that we can use with students that sound pretty interesting.  Things like for royalty-free music, for image searching, and iMotion HD for time lapse photos.  I’m looking forward to sharing this information with the teachers at my school.  I’m hoping that I can use it with some of the students to build excitement.

DLR Tour: the Mobile Classroom Experience

We were able to tour the Mobile Classroom Experience where we could see cool technologies.  I was able to use an ActivTable from Promethean.  I’ve only seen them used on CNN before!   Would love to have one in our school. You could really have some great collaboration going on with one of those.

iSchool's Digital Learning Revolution bus filled with technology

Inside the DLR Mobile Classroom Experience bus

iSchool bus

iSchool’s bus Digital Learning Revolution

Google Apps

At a later session Arvin went over Google apps that we could use to collaborate.  He showed how we could use Google docs to work with others.   Hey, we just did this in our Social Media Management class the other night.  I felt very well informed to have already have used it. I think I could use this with teachers at my school, but not with elementary  students.


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  1. Susanne

    I can tell from this posting that you had a great day.Can’t wait to hear about it in greater detail when we get back to school next week!

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