Promoting Curiosity in the Library Media Center

Nature and Sparking Curiosity

I like to bring in objects of all kinds and place them on the checkout desk in my library media center.  I think it helps spark questions, inquiry and interest in students. It also gives students a chance to use scientific tools on a regular basis.  I can also show that the library has books that can help them explore all types of subjects.  Recently a co-worker found a bird’s nest in her yard and knew of my habit of bringing nature into the library, so she gave me the nest.

Display on circulation desk in  library of bird nest non-fiction books magnifying glasses

Bird’s nest display on circulation desk in library media center

Naturalistic Learners

I placed a couple of non-fiction books about birds’ nests and magnifying glasses around the nest.  I will usually keep the display up for about 2 or 3 weeks, to give all of the students a chance to look at it.  I’ve heard the most interesting comments and questions about the nest.  One student asked another, “How do you think the bird knows how to build a nest?”  Sounds like a simple question, but it’s actually a very complicated one.  This type of display is one easy way to appeal to the naturalistic learning style of your students.  Doesn’t cost anything and gives students an up-close view of nature they might not otherwise have.  Heck,  it might even be something that meets a Common Core standard!

Bird nest sitting on circulation desk in an elementary school library media center

Nature’s wonder at work!



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4 responses to “Promoting Curiosity in the Library Media Center

  1. someoneleftthedooropen

    What a good way to inspire children to learn about nature! That library is very lucky to have you.

  2. Susanne

    A free resource that generated thought provoking questions from the children….it doesn’t get much better than that!

  3. That’s really cool! Hey, here are some cool ideas that my library has done in the last year or so. You should check it out and get more ideas!

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