Documenting Your Instruction

Be your own best salesman!  Last year I started creating bulletin boards that demonstrate what I do in the library media center.  Many administrators and teachers don’t know what we do in the library.  Rarely does the principal or assistant principal observe me teaching.  Many probably think we mostly check out books.  Help dispel that idea by showing what you do.

Bulletin board with photos of student activities, written description of activity with performance standards

  Description of information literacy lesson on atlas skills.

Create Bulletin Boards in Hallway

I take lots of photos of students as we are doing information literacy instruction.  I post them in the hallway with a written description of the activity along with any performance standards that are covered during the lesson.

Bulletin board showing glossary made by 1st grade students and description of lesson.

Bulletin boards can showcase student work and your instruction. This one has a glossary a 1st grade class created for a non-fiction book we read.

Bulletin board with description of plagiarism lesson and student note cards.

Description of plagiarism lesson and notes that the 3rd grade students made after hearing book, Pirates of Plagiarism.

Document Your Instruction

Besides making known what you teach, students love to see photos of themselves and their work.  Other grade levels can also see what other students are learning in the library.  In these tight fiscal times when librarian positions are being cut, it helps to let others see your impact on student learning.




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3 responses to “Documenting Your Instruction

  1. Susanne

    What a great way to highlight all of the quality instruction you are conducting in your school’s Media Center. I also think this is a great motivational tool for he children as well!

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