Butterflies in the Library

Each elementary library in our school system received a “Butterfly Garden” kit from our local aquarium, the Flint Riverquarium recently. The Riverquarium is getting ready to celebrate their 10th anniversary next weekend and they will have a special butterfly encounter on September 5th & 6th. To promote the idea of science and butterflies we each received 5 caterpillars and the mesh habitat.

I placed the caterpillars on the library checkout desk so that students could monitor their progress.  I also had a couple of books about butterflies and a poster with the complete butterfly life cycle on display.

Caterpillars in the library

Our five caterpillars creating their chrysalis.

The Butterfly Life Cycle

We received out caterpillars and habitat on Monday, August 18th and by Thursday, August 28th all but one of the caterpillars had completed their metamorphosis and emerged.  Since many of our grades were testing that day, I enlisted my morning television crew (all 5th grade students) to assist with the release that morning.  One student was my videographer, one was the photographer and the other two held the habitat.  I invited one Kindergarten class to witness the event.  Since the rest of the students were not able to be present at the release I created an Animoto and emailed it to all of the teachers.  Here is our Animoto:

The students were fascinated by the whole process, so I think I’ll buy more caterpillars in the spring.

P.S.  I took home the habitat with the remaining chrysalis on Friday as it was the long, Labor Day weekend.  I placed the habitat on my screened porch and he (or she) emerged on Saturday morning and was released in my garden.

P.P.S. Can’t get the Animoto video to embed….I’m working on it!

P.P.P.S.  Let’s see if this works:


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  1. Susanne

    Observing an actual metamorphosis was such a wonderful experience for our students. I am sure they will remember the experience for years to come! The animoto was also a great idea for students who were not actually able to observe the release!

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