National Library Week Post #4: Eager Kindergarten Readers

Friday was the last day we celebrated National Library Week at our school.  I had just finished read a new book to our collection, This Book Just Ate My Dog by Richard Byrne to Mrs. N’s Kindergarten class.  I chose this title because it’s a book about a book and I thought that was appropriate for NLW!

Creating Readers

Mrs. N’s class has been so amazing this year.  At the beginning of the school year, she had just one student who came to school already reading.  But at the end of this year, she has every single student reading and taking Accelerated Reader quizzes.  She tells me that the students want to read books all day long and take AR quizzes!  They are very excited readers now.

Kicking Back in the Library

After reading the book to the class, they began choosing their books. Mrs. N called me over and said I should take a photo of this.  I grabbed my camera and came around the corner to see these students!  It makes all the paperwork worthwhile…

Kindergarten reading!

Kindergartener reading!


Student laying on floor reading a book

Kicking back in the library!

Student reading her book

Student who can’t wait to start reading her book!


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