Creating with FlipSnack: Adding Tools to the Digital Toolbelt

One of our 3rd grade teachers asked me to work with several of her students to create some digital project using the drawings they had made about the habitats of Georgia (which covers the Georgia Performance Science Standard – S3L1. Students will investigate the habitats of different organisms and the dependence of organisms on their habitat. a. Differentiate between habitats of Georgia (mountains, marsh/swamp, coast, Piedmont, Atlantic Ocean) and the organisms that live there). The students had created drawings of the Georgia regions and written text on each and the teacher just wanted them to use some digital tool to put it all together.


I have worked on projects like this before (student created drawings with text) and used Windows Movie Maker.  This time I decided to use FlipSnack.  So far I have worked with three students (who are all in the gifted program) and they caught on very quickly to using FlipSnack.  Working with each student individually, I had them start by taking photographs of their drawings.  We copied them to a desktop folder and I showed them how to upload each photo.  I helped them add pages and add their photo.  I showed them how to add an audio component to each page.  We did one or two together and then I left them on their own.  They got the hang of it pretty quickly.  The students listened to their recordings and noticed if they needed to re-record if they left out something or made an error in reading their text.

3rd grade student recording audio for their Flipsnack.

3rd grade students recording audio for their Flipsnack.


Sharing Their Digital Projects

I emailed the FlipSnacks links to the teacher so the whole class can view the project.  She can forward the link to parents so they can also share the experience.  I think I have created 3 FlipSnack experts so far and hope they will share their excitement and knowledge with their classmates. so that they have an additional digital tool in their digital toolbelt.

Here are links to the 3 stories they created (I have the free version of FlipSnack, so no embedding capabilities).




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2 responses to “Creating with FlipSnack: Adding Tools to the Digital Toolbelt

  1. Susanne

    I loved these! Hearing their voices was the icing on the cake! I miss my ISECS student friends!

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