April is National Poetry Month-Spine Poetry

April is an interesting month at our school.  We return from spring break and two weeks later we give state standardized tests.  But poetry seems to be a good thing to cover; it’s fun, creative and no pressure!

Today I worked with a fourth grade class and they made spine poems.  I start by asking them what they knew about poetry using IB (International Baccalaureate) key concept questions (what is it-form, why do people write it-perspective, what is the function. etc.).  We discuss what found poetry is and let them know that spine poetry is a type of that poetic form. I assign them a section of picture book shelves (to limit too much traveling around the library) and limit them to 6 books or so (to decrease the mess of incorrect reshelving).   They really have a good time!  They work in groups of four or so students and most need very little help.  Here are three of the best.

Spine poem composed by 4th grade students.

Spine poems composed by 4th grade students.


Spine poetry by 4th grade students.




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2 responses to “April is National Poetry Month-Spine Poetry

  1. Susanne

    Imitation is a “high” form of flattery. With that said, I am “stealing” this lesson! Love this!!
    I’ve got a pretty good classroom collection and think I can pull it off!

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