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I attended the Georgia Library Media Associations’s Summer Institute in June and was fortunate to be able to hear Shannon McClintock Miller speak about giving students a voice.  She encouraged us to just try one new thing, which is good advice when you go to a conference, a workshop or meeting and hear about MANY new ideas, programs, books, etc.  It is often overwhelming.


I decided that one thing I would do was create an Instagram and Twitter account for the school library.  Well, I created both.  I still don’t “get” how to use Twitter, so for the moment there it sits.  But I have posted a few things on Instagram.  Shannon said she would have an iPad set up on a tripod and let the students choose what to post on Instagram.  I haven’t gotten to that point (of leaving it set up) as the one iPad I have is used for many things.

I will try to keep up with posting activities, instruction, and other interesting (I hope) things.  I’m starting slowly as we are still collecting the media release forms signed by parents and so relying on taking photos with students who had the forms on file last year.IMG_0844

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