Thesaurus Follow Up

I have been teaching our 3rd grade students about reference tools, using props of real tools (hammer, screw driver, saw, pliers) to reinforce the concept of tools.  After a week’s break when we celebrated Dot Day, I’m resuming reference tools.


So, to get us back on track I read the book, Boris Ate a Thesaurus by Neil Steven Klayman (illustrated by Barry Chung, Super Senses Production, 2014).  Boris eats a thesaurus and as a result he starts speaking in synonyms!  It was good review of what synonyms are and that the “tool” you use to find them is the thesaurus.  Fun text with bright illustrations.img_9719

Several students made a connection with another book I always manage to read to several classes each year.  The story reminded them of Oliver Jeffers’ The Incredible Book Eating Boy.

Next week we move onto atlases.


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One response to “Thesaurus Follow Up

  1. Susanne McDonald

    Thanks for another inspiring post! I’m going to see if they have it at Northwest and use it with my kiddos when I introduce thesaurus skills to them!
    You’re great!

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