Moveable (or Movable)* Tables in the Library

I am one happy camper today.  I would love to have new flexible seating and tables in my library media center, but I am stuck with sturdy, solid oak tables and chairs.  These things were made to last (were purchased probably about 20 years ago).  The tables are REALLY heavy and as a result they get dragged when we need to move them.

I read an article or blog post awhile ago about a library media specialist fixing up her library on the cheap.  She added casters to her table legs and I thought, “I can do that.” Or rather, I thought, “My handy husband can do that.”  And he did!

My library media committee and I discussed it last school year and we are just getting around to doing it.  The first table was done today and two more on the chopping block tomorrow morning.

Supplies Needed

We bought locking casters at Lowe’s and it ran about $20 a table.  Not really cheap, but a heck of a lot cheaper than new tables!

My husband brought his saw, drill, etc. from home.  I might have been able to have our school system facilities department do it, but the quality is not consistent there.

I am so giddy that I can’t wait until Thursday when the Scholastic Book Fair arrives and I will have (by then) 3 tables that I can move just by pushing with my hand!  We bought all the casters that Lowe’s has for now, so the other 4 tables will get the chop later.  We cut an extra one inch off the legs as the tables were really too high for the kindergarten through 2nd grade students.  This new, shorter version should be more comfortable for the majority of our students.


We will be more likely to move tables around after all them are converted.  This will help not only with working with students, but also with the other staff meetings, showers, etc. that are held in the library media center.  The legs of some of the tables are a bit wobbly from years of dragging around.  My husband thinks the tables weigh about 80 pounds!


The point of no return!


It helps to have a handy husband with all the necessary tools!


It’s funny to be so excited by this, but it is going to make my life so much easier!

*Apparently either spelling is acceptable…I checked!



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2 responses to “Moveable (or Movable)* Tables in the Library

  1. I am faced with this very same situation. I think every library in the country got these sturdy yet uncomfortable, heavy, non-stackable, difficult-to-move, non-child-sized chairs and tables 20 years ago, and we are still stuck with them today. I asked our facilities dept. to do exactly what your husband did, but what I got was over-sized gray plastic saucers stuck to the bottom of the table legs, and a “There, I fixed it.” Yes, they slide now, yes it was inexpensive and quick, but no they don’t look nearly as nice as yours. Kudos to your husband for a quality job.

    • Thank you for your comment! I am fully enjoying the 3 tables he finished (before Lowe’s ran out of the casters) especially when I set up the Scholastic Book Fair on Thursday. I hesitated asking our Facilities Department as they quality of work can be a bit “uneven”. Can’t wait for the book fair to be over and Lowe’s restocking so we can do the other 4 tables.

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