2nd Grade Use Atlas & Tablet

Reference tool introduction continued when 2nd grade students got to utilize not just an atlas but also their Dell ProVenue tablets (we are a 1:1 school).  They love to use their tablets!


2nd grade students documenting their find in the atlas.

Social Studies Curriculum Tie-In

Again, I chose a topic the students have some background knowledge of. They have been learning about James Oglethorpe, so I chose 2 locations related to this historical figure.  I asked the students to find Georgia and London, England in an atlas.

Model the Process First

I modeled the activity first, showing them how to use the index to find a location.I used a tablet to photograph a student pointing at the words in the index.  We then went to the correct page in the atlas, used the map reference and located the city.  Again, we used the tablet’s camera to show the student pointing to the correct location.


The students were able to use the atlas’ index to find the 2 locations and photograph the process.  Documenting the process with the tablet added a different flavor to our usual practice of paper and pencil to show their activity.  When they said they were finished, I just swiped through the photographs on their tablets.

In addition to learning and applying information literacy skills, using the tablet gave the students opportunity to handle their tablets and practice using the camera.  When we started the lesson several of the students didn’t know where the camera was (indicating a lack of use of the tablet in the classroom), but their fellow classmates helped out here.

I’ll definitely try to figure out ways to incorporate the tablets in more library instructional activities


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