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2017 Solar Eclipse

Our entire school system received eclipse viewing glasses, so August 21st it was game on!  We only saw a 90% eclipse, but it was still exciting.  Students in grades 2-5 went outside, while K-gr.1 stayed inside watching live feeds and eating Moon Pies and drinking Capri Suns!  I really enjoyed seeing the students’ amazement and surprise as they watched the progression of the eclipse.  I had practiced with nearly all of the classes in the 2 weeks leading up to the eclipse.  They used glasses and pin hole cameras made of cereal boxes.  We also practiced directing the sun through binoculars onto paper for a different view.  They used all of these methods on the day.


solar eclipse t-shirt and doughnut

Nothing says “solar eclipse” like a t-shirt and a special eclipse doughnut from Krispy Kreme! Chocolate glazed…mmmm.

It was very hot and humid so standing around in black t-shirts was a questionable decision, but hey, it’s only a once in a life time event for many.

Students observing the eclipse using their eclipse glasses

I like the expression on their faces!

Students viewing the eclipse with their glasses

One 5th grade class made eclipse t-shirts for the occation.

Pin hole camera

Students used the cereal box pin hole cameras they made to get a different view of the sun.

binoculars viewing eclipse

We also used binoculars to get a glimpse of the eclipse.

Eclipse seen through the leaves of a tree.

I used white paper to show the eclipse shaped projected through the leaves of the tree.

I showed students how to create the sun’s image through their crossed fingers.

We will be gathering students and staff reaction to the solar eclipse experience using Flipgrid and will share the link as more responses are ready.


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