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The Twenties, Jazz Age, Harlem Renaissance and Chatterpix

Our fifth grade students are required to be knowledgeable of 5 figures from the 1920’s United States history: Louis Armstrong, Langston Hughes, Babe Ruth, Charles Lindbergh and Henry Ford.

Georgia Performance Standards: SS5H4b. Describe the cultural developments and individual contributions in the 1920s of the Jazz Age (Louis Armstrong), the Harlem Renaissance (Langston Hughes), baseball (Babe Ruth), the automobile (Henry Ford), and the airplane (Charles Lindbergh).

Collaborating with the teachers, we decided that the students would use Chatterpix to record a first person narrative in the persona of one of the historical figures.

Graphic Organizer and Livebinders

I designed a graphic organizer for the students to use to collect their notes and write their script.  I created Livebinders for each historical figure to ensure that the students used quality, reliable websites.  Here is a link to one of the Livebinders:


Livebinder for resources on Charles Lindbergh

Livebinder for resources on Charles Lindbergh

Chatterpix Recordings

I looked over the students’ scripts trying to ensure they were written in first person, contained sufficient details to explain why these people are notable and how they changed the United States in the 1920s, and didn’t contain a sentence about when that person died (looking at the recordings, I see that one of these statements did slip by). We had two iPads in use at one time and students didn’t need much help using Chatterpix as last year as 4th graders they did a Chatterpix.  At this point one class has finished their recordings, a second one has done a few, and we haven’t started recording the third class yet!

Uploading to YouTube

I uploaded the finished Chatterpix to my YouTube channel so that I can share the links easily to each of the teachers and the students.  Our students all have a Dell tablet assigned to them, so they will be able to view their Chatterpix and their classmates easily on YouTube.  I sure wish there was an android version of Chatterpix and then it would be so much easier!  When all 5th students are finished, I will share the link on our school’s new Facebook page.

My YouTube channel link:


Technology Challenges

Last year, after students finished their American Revolutionary War historical figures’ Chatterpix, I just exported them easily by choosing the email option.  This year, using the same iPad, that didn’t work and neither did using the export to YouTube option.  So, I exported them to “Photos” and then used the USB cord to directly connect the iPad to my laptop and copied them.  Then uploaded them to my YouTube channel!  Oh, and then today I couldn’t get the iPad to connect to our school’s wifi.  Boy, some days technology is so much fun!!!


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