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Pre-K Visit, Three Little Pigs and Makerspace Activity

IMG_1056We invite all of the county Pre-K classes to attend out International Parade each year.  This year we had about 320 pre-K students watch the parade then visit the school, rotating through kindergarten classrooms, music room, art class, our makerspace and the library.  I decided this year I would include an activity in addtion to reading them a book.

The Three Little Pigs-Paul Galdone version

I really like the Galdone versions of traditional folk tales, especially the Three Little Pigs.  He doesn’t sugar coat the story line; yes, the first and second pigs get eaten (they took the easy way out)!  After reading the book we discussed differences in this book and other versions they may have heard before.

KEVA Planks

I borrowed some KEVA Planks from our school’s makerspace for this activity.  After reading the story, I asked the students to build a house for one of the pigs.  I had them work in pairs and I also invited a couple of third grade students to come to the library to be helping hands.  I instructed the third grade students to only step in if the pre-K children seemed to be struggling.  They were great helpers.

The pre-K children really enjoyed building with the planks.  Some struggled to get things to balance and stay upright, others had more developed fine motor skills.  They were not discouraged if their house fell and they had to start over.  A lot of collaboration and sharing took place while building.

I will definitely repeat this activity with my kindergarten classes in the fall and maybe even first grades as well.IMG_1016IMG_1017IMG_1020


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Second Grade, Fred McFee and Skeletons

I love the book, The Bones of Fred McFee by Eve Bunting, illustrated by Kurt Cyrus.  The rhyming text and luscious illustrations make it a delight to read.  I needed an activity for second grade and one of the Georgia Standards of Excellence they are exploring now is in physical science, S2P 1 b. Construct an explanation for how structures made from small pieces (linking cubes, building blocks) can be disassembled and then rearranged to make new and different structures.

I was thinking of having the students assemble something and it needed to be from supplies that I had a lot of.  Thought a bit and remembered the tub full of popsicle sticks!  The idea of assembling a skeleton just popped into my head and that made me think of Fred McFee.

We read the book and I showed them examples of non-fiction books that had information and illustrations of skeletons; a dictionary, an encyclopedia and a non-fiction book.  I placed these on the tables and the teacher paired up the students.  Each group had a dictionary with the skeleton illustration and a heap of popsicle sticks.

Initially some students asked how could they assemble a skeleton.  I referred them to the illustrations and asked how they might form a head or legs.  The soon got the hang of it.  One of the classes did this activity on a day that they were dressed as super heroes as part of Red Ribbon Week.  You’ll notice that some students posed their skeletons in super hero poses and then posed themselves for the photo!

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