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Third Grade Research, Posters, Native Americans

Our third grade students study Native American groups, Georgia Standards of Excellence-Social Studies: SS3H1 Describe early American Indian cultures and their development in North America.  I wanted the students to practice reading for content, taking notes, working in groups, and citing their sources.


Working individually or in pairs (I did one class one way, the other classes the other) the students used their Chromebooks to access a Livebinder I created to curate some websites.  Since each teacher already had a class Portaportal account I just sent the link to my Livebinder and they added it to their science section…so much easier than having third grade students type in a URL-even an easy one like a Yellkey (which is my favorite URL shortener).img_4274.jpg

After collecting information about the Arapaho’s lifestyle (shelter, food, where they lived, other interesting facts) the students worked together.  They chose an image to use, how facts would be included and they were required to list the online resources they used.IMG_4275

It took us about three library visits to complete the projects.  They really enjoyed the process. I displayed one class’ posters in the hall outside of the library for about two weeks.  I’m keeping one poster up where I have examples of all the work done by all grade levels. The other classes were given their posters.IMG_4282IMG_4283

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Google My Maps and Native Americans

Third grade students are learning about different Native American tribes.  Since geography is a weakness for most all of our students, I introduced them to Google My Maps.

Graphic Organizer, Collaboration

I created an graphic organizer with the names of the tribes (the list supplied by the third grade chair) and a column for the location of each group.  They had to log into Google My Maps using their student email address, which some did more quickly than others.  It is something they already do fairly regularly for other programs, but some had a hard time making the connection.


Google my map

Google My Maps and Images

After marking the locations and renaming for each tribe, the students added an image for each tribe.


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Flipgrid, 2nd Grade & Native Americans

Each year our 2nd grade students study Native Americans, as laid out in the Georgia Performance Standards SS2H2 The student will describe the Georgia Creek and Cherokee cultures of the past in terms of tools, clothing, homes, ways of making a living, and accomplishments.   Being an IB-PYP school we expand the concept to include native peoples from other parts of the world.

Each year I read Jan Andrews’ book, The Very Last First Time which describes an Innuit girl, Eva’s first time to walk alone on the sea bed, under the ice, to collect mussels.  We also watch a video clip from the BBC showing Innuit adults collecting mussels. It’s pretty cool. Check it out:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlOt9368Q7LfZsQ0XPXWMoo-Tvbm7LPM0

IB-PYP Learner Profile & Flipgrid

This year I decided that I would have the students pick out an IB-PYP Learner Profile or Attitude to describe Eva and her actions in the book. We have the Profiles and Attitudes posted on the library walls, so the students could walk over and refresh their memories (and for the new students the opportunity to see all the profiles and attitudes).

I gave each student an index card and they wrote their sentence, citing evidence from the book.  “Eva was a risk-taker because she…”  Our students need so much practice writing, so I like to give them every opportunity to write.


If they put in a serious effort to compose a sentence, they then had the chance to record their response using Flipgrid. Students so enjoy hearing and seeing themselves.  A lot of smiles and giggles!


Check out their response https://flipgrid.com/74c2b605




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