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The Most Perfect Snowman

A last minute idea turned out great!  I needed a quick book and activity for third grade classes for our first week back to school after the winter break.  I perused through some new books and saw, The Most Perfect Snowman by Chris Britt.  This story is about sharing and being judged on your clothes; it’s a combination of fantasy and real emotions.  After reading this book, I asked the students to create their “perfect snowman.”

Creating Their Perfect Snowman

I asked them to think what their perfect snowman would look like.  Granted, our children don’t have much (in some cases, any) experience in building real snowmen, since it hardly ever snows in south Georgia.

I asked them to think of how their snowman would show emotion and motion.  How could they express themselves? What might they do?

They really enjoyed the freedom to be creative.  Some struggle when they have very few directions.  I did hear a few, “I may a mistake; I need a new paper.”  No, just turn it over or treat that “mistake” as an opportunity!

They loved this activity and it was so simple, construction paper and crayons.

I love their artwork, including traditional snowmen, a cowboy snowman, police snowman, teacher snowman, football player snowman and more.


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Snowflake Meets the Digital Age

Again this year, I have used snow as a theme to review library skills and incorporate some fun!  We read  Jacqueline Briggs Martin’s biography, Snowflake Bentley, then students research snow using the dictionary and encyclopedia (all on-line sources

Snowflakes cut out from paper. The only type of snow we see

Snowflakes cut out from paper. The only type of snow we see in south Georgia!

this year, World Book Online and Merriam-Webster online).

Paper Snowflakes

The second time we meet the students share the information they gathered and I record it for a later session.  Then the students cut snowflakes out of paper.  Growing up I spent many hours cutting out snowflakes from paper and magazines, but for nearly every 3rd grader, this was their first experience.  They were so excited when they unfolded their creations!

Digital Snowflakes

This year when we meet for the third time, I have the students bring their tablets.   We have just completed our school districts 1:1 initiative and each student has a Dell Pro Venue 11.  I used Bit.ly to shorten the Thinglink URL (https://www.thinglink.com/scene/479319938847211522) I created to curate various websites about Bentley, his photographs, snow photos and sites used for creating digital snowflakes.  I color code the links so that students can explore at least one website (yellow dots) before going to the websites where they start making digital snowflakes (red dots), because once they start making digital snow they can’t stop!

My Thinglink for the 3rd grade multi-week snow instruction.

My Thinglink for the 3rd grade multi-week snow instruction: https://www.thinglink.com/scene/479319938847211522

I bet you won’t be able to stop either; it’s rather addictive.  Check them out: Make-a-Flake (http://snowflakes.barkleyus.com/) and SnowDays (http://snowdays.me/).  It was more fun for the students this year as they didn’t have to share the 8 computers I have in the library.  Each student brought their tablet and so were able to work individually.

3rd grade student using tablet to create a digital snowflake.

3rd grade student using tablet to create a digital snowflake.

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