Tree hugging in Henry Cowell Redwood State Park, Santa Cruz, CA.

I am a library media specialist at International Studies Elementary Charter School in Albany, Georgia.   I have been here for 13 years and previously worked for 16 years in public libraries in several states.  I really like what I do and am anxious to continually improve my information literacy instruction.  I will share ideas of things I have done in my library media center and hope to get new ideas from others.

I named my blog “The Library Teacher” because I frequently hear that from the very young students in my school (particularly the kindergartern and first graders).  If I see them out in the community and greet them I hear them tell their parents, “That’s my library teacher.”  I love that they came up with that title.  It shows they are making sense of what I do.   After all, they have an art teacher, a music teacher, a Spanish teacher, and a library teacher!

Karen Liebert

Karen Liebert, the Library Teacher, behind a favorite book "I Married Adventure

That’s me behind one of my favorite books, “I Married Adventure” (an inside joke with my husband). I have been to Africa and loved reading this book!


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